Thursday, July 1, 2010

a personal challenge: Pastries 1 & 2

Today there was a BBQ at ESPCI.

I didn't want to be too weird, so I only took one photo. The food was both usual and unusual. There were plenty of normal side dishes: potato chips, couscous salad, carrot slaw, tomato salad. But the meats were different from American fare: lots of sausages and kebabs (and not a hotdog or hamburger in sight!). Also, there were the requirements of all good French meals: baguettes, wine, and three cheese rounds larger than American-size dinner plates. YUM!!!

In other news, I have decided that my blog is turning into the daily adventures of my inanimate objects, so I decided to institute a personal challenge: In the month of July, I will try to eat 30 different pastries and blog about them. So here we go...

Pastries one and two:

An eclair, and something else that we couldn't figure out the name of but got by pointing a lot.

The eclair was pretty standard for anyone who's ever eaten at Mike's Pastries in the North End of Boston. It was smaller than Mike's, and filled with a chocolate hazelnut cream, but other than that, pretty normal. The other thing was AMAZING. (Really should figure out what its called). Its a meringue shell filled with a light, sweet cream. After a HOT day, it was the perfect, light, sweet, and delicious ending.

There are two pastries because my friend Bryan is in town, so he helped me pick them out. :-) He also took me to a lovely dinner on rue Mouffetard, yum yum!

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