Thursday, July 15, 2010

Parents in Paris

My parents arrived on Wednesday afternoon. The weather broke from the earlier excitement and blue sky and sunshine welcomed them. (This was some pretty church near Gare du Nord).

They didn't waste any time in seeing one of the biggest sights, which was only 2 blocks from the hotel.

And then we took a walk. Along the way, we caught a glimpse of another Parisian landmark. They took pictures.

We rested in a park and watched the fountain blowing in the wind.

We got even closer.

We walked across my favorite bridge.

And we even caught some fireworks above the trees.

Tonight I met up with my parents after work. They had spent the day in the Louvre. We did laundry (no photos) and then wandered around my neighborhood. We found a nice little place for dinner.

Daddy enjoyed his escargot.

Mom enjoyed her salmon.

And together my parents enjoyed their first trip together to Paris! Oh yea, I was there too. :-P

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