Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pastries 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

You might think that I've been neglecting my daily pastry quest, but really, I've only been neglecting the blogging. Let me catch up before things get out of hand...

Pastries 6 and 7: Two Tartes
One is a chocolate-pear tarte, the other is a chocolate-raspberry tarte. Both are from the little restaurant Mouffe-TARTE down the street. Don't worry, I didn't eat both, my undergrad and I each got one and split them. They are DELICIOUS. Chocolate-pear is a flavor combination that we definitely need more of in the States.

Pastry 8: Pan au lait
Nice flavorful breadroll. Eaten with cheese, prior to the orange juice incident. Yum.

Pastry 9: Sable amande
A large crisp butter cookie covered with toasted almonds. I was expecting more almond flavor in the actual cookie but I guess it was just the topping.

Pastry 10: Opera
This was one of the ones that I'd been admiring for a while! The selection of perfect, precise rectangles is impressive. I chose this one because the name was easy to remember. It was actually chocolate and coffee flavored and super-rich. I could have easily split it with several people and still be satisfied. YUM.

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  1. my mom and i ate at mouffetarte the other day while she was here visiting me...we happened upon the little cafe by chance and i'm so happy we did...the fromage l'oignon followed by chocolat noix for dessert...amazing! nice blog you have here, btw!