Monday, July 5, 2010

do not panic

Its not as bad as I made it out to seem in my last posting. But I'm definitely in the midst of the 3rd-week-doldrums.

I discovered this last summer while living in New Zealand. By week 3, I was totally over it. I was over work, I was over the adventure, I was just done with it. And luckily I had 5 other Americans on my program with me in Auckland, so when we all met up for our weekly dinner at the fantastic Father Ted's pub, I discovered I wasn't alone. Every single other person was having a blah, ugh, ick, grumpy week. Three weeks is the magic timeframe. The glamour, the novelty is gone, and you're just left feeling frustrated, tired, and outcast. Its like that point in the vacation where you just want to go home so you can really RELAX because you know where everything is in your grocery store, you know the menu of your favorite takeout place, and you know exactly how much that ice cream scoop is going to cost at your favorite shop.

Well, I also know from last year that this feeling passes. (As too does my migraine, hopefully, and my twisted ankle from a run-in with wet cobblestones on Saturday.) And I have my support network. And I have my knitting. (And my honey should know how much I like him because I'm currently PURLING for him. Amy can explain how much I hate this act and how this means that I REALLY REALLY like him.)

Tomorrow I will watch the world cup, not on my computer, but in a place with other live people. This is my resolution.

On Wednesday I will go to my new knitting group. They are nice. I might buy yarn. That will probably make me feel better. Donations to my yarn fund can be mailed directly to Aimee the awesome owner of L'OisiveThe.

Thursday I will go to dinner with Sungyon and my former labmate Sofiene who I ran into on the train from the airport on the day I arrived in Paris.

It will be a good week.

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