Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crazy Saturday

You know those days that don't follow the plan? Well, that was Saturday.

The morning was filled with errands (since I found out last weekend that nothing useful is open on Sundays). I did laundry, grocery shopping, and errands. In my errands I walked around Paris and walked all the way back to my apartment from downtown, poking in little shops along the way. I even came across the first store with AC that I've found so far! (It was a lingerie shop.) I picked up some other things in other stores too, but when I got home, I noticed that one of the stores had forgotten to put one of the things I bought in the bag. I wasn't sure that going back and complaining was going to be useful, since I had no idea how to explain any of this in French. So I'll just have to go buy it again later. Ugh.

Then in the afternoon I attempted to get some work done but got distracted online instead. Finally Sungyon asked if I wanted to have a working evening together, so she came over and we lay on my bed and did work. I even got a decent draft of my paper together! Around 8pm, Sungyon decided to head home and that's when she realized that she didn't have her keys. She had managed to lock herself out of her apartment! This led to a 2 hr adventure while we tried to figure out what to do. She didn't have her cell phone, and mine was out of credit. We couldn't figure out how to recharge mine, and I have no landline, so she needed to find another way to call her landlord. We finally went to her fave cafe, where she knows the owner, to borrow their phone. Turns out her landlord is on vacation in Switzerland. Did you know that a locksmith in Paris costs 500-600 Euros? Well, they do. Anyways, after a variety of craziness, the plan became that Sungyon would sleep over at my place and then the landlord's son would give her the spare key the next day. We also figured out how to recharge my phone (yay!) It ended up being ok, but it definitely wasn't the evening I imagined! :-P

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