Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My professor here at ESPCI doesn't currently have any students, so the windowless room where my undergrad and I sit was pretty lonely. (At least we could speak English to eachother!) But then, students returned from vacation, and it turned out that a few other professors shared the room, so we got labmates!

D works on microfluidics and is in the lab just about every day. Luckily, he speaks excellent English and can be counted on for squirt-bottle fights when the temperatures soar past 95F. He wants to do research in the States next year so my undergrad and I have been telling him about all the uniquely American things he must try. Things like Cheese Wiz and Peeps. Ok, and the good stuff like BBQ ribs and steak and lobster. But he needs to try the other things too. After all, I ate escargot!

J also works on microfluidics but she's only in lab occasionally. This is actually a good thing because her experiment makes a weird squeaky-squawky noise when its running. We like her, but we don't like her experiment. She's German, and also speaks excellent English. In fact, the day we met, she walked into the room and said something in French. I mumbled my normal "I don't speak French" in French and she immediately said, "oh, good, I prefer English". Thank goodness.

Labmates are cool! (Not that I don't love you all back at HML, but really, how many of you have given me excellent tiny cake recommendations recently? D wins for that!)


  1. i might want to meet your microfluidics labmates... i have questions regarding my own experiments. :)

    anyway, glad you have company...

  2. i might want to meet your labmates soonish...dawn. i got some microfluidics questions regarding my own experiments (that aren't going so well....)

    anyway, glad you have friends over there. :)