Thursday, January 12, 2012

Les Soldes

I think that companies in the States make up holidays just so they can have sales. MKL weekend, President's Day, Washington's birthday, I remember seeing car ads about every weekend of the year with some sort of special deal or discount to take advantage of.

Its not the same in France. Here, the prevailing notion is that things are priced "reasonably", or that the price reflects the quality. Its also because the government mandates that there can only be two sales a year, so if things weren't priced reasonably, no one would ever buy anything!

Luckily for me, Les Soldes began on Wednesday, and I wasted no time in heading out and picking up a little something that I'd had my eyes on for a while... its a new purse! Its style seems to be very "in" right now in Paris. Plus, my favorite part is the convertible straps, so it can also be worn over the shoulder (when you're not trying to seem Parisienne by carrying it on your wrist):

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