Monday, January 16, 2012

Knitting magic

Today I was feeling uninspired in the knitting department, so I decided to play around with a new kind of yarn I had ordered a few months ago for a project. This is plötulopi.

Its Icelandic. It arrived at my apartment in Paris in a small brown bag smelling distinctly of farm. And tonight, I busted open the wrapping and started swatching. Plötulopi is special because its completely unspun. Its basically just a long wad of fibers.

Which makes it super-delicate. But the magic happens as you knit it. The super-long Icelandic sheep fibers catch and twist around each other, and you get a super-warm, durable, but beautiful knitted fabric. I think its magical.

The person who will receive this gift knows that its in the making. But it will take a while. But I promise it will be worth every minute! <3

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