Saturday, October 1, 2011

La Vie de Paris

Today I went to an expat orientation event at the American Church of Paris called Bloom Where You're Planted. No matter your religious (or non-religious) beliefs, its a great introduction to living in Paris! My only complaint was that I had a hard time meeting people there. Well, I met lots of people, but there was definitely a lack of young professional women there. In fact, in the activities open house, many of the groups I inquired about were focused on women as trailing spouses, so their meetings were during business hours. Not so great for me. But luckily I did manage to find some other professional women, so now that we've traded email addresses hopefully I'll have a few new friends in this city!

Afterwards, I went for a crepe dinner with one of my new friends, Adrienne. (I like her name because it reminds me of my Aunt Adria). Then we sat on the Champ de Mars eating our crepes, talking, and admiring the view. Pretty crazy that this is 3 blocks from my apartment!

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