Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finally a Navigo!

Today I wasn't feeling well in the morning but by the afternoon I knew I had to venture out because my week-long transit pass expires today and I could apply for an annual pass at one of two offices open on Sunday. That meant a ride on the Metro line 6. Line 6 is either great or awful, depending on your perspective. The first time I rode it, nearly 4 years ago, I was terrified because it is 2-3 stories off the ground, running on a rickey track at high speeds. Its kind of like a wooden roller coaster. Anyways, today was a bit better because I got to admire the views from the high vantage. Although I wasn't quick enough to snap a picture when we got a quick glimpse of the Eiffel tower, here are some pictures of the buildings.

I got the Navigo, and the lines weren't even that long! Yay! And the woman spoke NO English, but I managed to make it through. Although once again, the information listed on the website was not at all applicable to the actual process. I'm getting much better at realizing that they are going to ask you for a million different pieces of paper, so at least I'm used to bringing everything along. Good practice for applying for my resident card on Wed?

When I got home, I lit the candles in the fireplace for the first time. Beautiful!

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  1. Wow, I didn't realize you had a fireplace! Awesome. And congrats on your increased French/bureaucracy skilz!