Friday, September 30, 2011

Lazy (sick/tired) Dinner

This post is for Diego, who told me that France doesn't have frozen meals.

They do.

And when nothing tastes right and you're broke, a 2 Euro meal from your microwave sounds perfect. I chose the spinach and salmon flavored pasta because I could actually see little bits of real salmon in it. Also, it was in the refrigerator section, which somehow seems fresher than the frozen section. No idea how true that really is, but anyways...

First challenge: figuring out how to use the Microwave-grill. If anyone can find a manual for this thing, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

Then, it was pasta time!

It was actually pretty decent. Or at least, I think it was. My taste buds are not champions with this cold - everything tastes weird. (Although the milk always tasted weird - what is demi-ecremé and what is closest to 1%?) But at least I ate something nutritious!

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  1. Yay edible dinner!

    Instruction manual for your microwave-grill:

    It's for the NN-K105, not NN-K105W, so the picture on the front looks slightly different, but I think it's basically the same. Unfortunately, the manual is like ridiculously complicated, so definitely find some good French wine to drink before going through it :)

    As for the milk, I did a bit more googling:
    lait demi-ecreme is like 1-2% here
    lait ecreme is skim, hard to find.
    lait entier is full fat.

    "lait frais pasteurisé" will be in the refrigerated section, is only somewhat pasteurized, should taste more normal, and will only last a few days in the fridge before going bad. It'll be harder to find than the one that is called "UP" for upérisé. Will come unrefrigerated, and while I like the taste, it's definitely different from what you find in the US commonly.

    I hope your stinky cold clears up soon!