Wednesday, October 12, 2011

La banque!

I have a bank account! It took almost an hour and a half of signing forms but I finally have a French bank account! :-D To celebrate, I went to the chocolatier across the street from the bank and picked up some celebratory goodies from the Pick'n Mix section. Yes, this is what pick and mix looks like in France:

Starting at the top, the eggs. These were beautiful! There was an entire tray of them and they look like they were plucked from a bird's nest. They actually have a soft hazelnut creme on the inside and were definitely my favorite of the bunch! The next one (clockwise) was a dark chocolate ball. The description was "chocolate ball" so I didn't really know what to expect. It was kind of eh. Little light crunchy bits inside. Think of rice krispies. I mean, rice krispies in chocolate are good, but not new. Next down was the nut ball. Delicious! Shredded bits of nuts held together with a thin coating of chocolate. They had these in several chocolate colors but I went for milk. Same with the next one, the mondial. Milk chocolate was YUMMY and I love the several desserts with apricots that I've had so far in Paris. Next were dried strawberries on drops of dark chocolate. Good, but the strawberry flavor wasn't as strong as I was expecting in a dried fruit. But overall, they were all very good! And a very nice gouté!

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  1. OMG, we need side by side comparison with your pick mix from LaVerdes. That looks inSANE!

    And it took Jeremy at least 6 months to get a Norwegian bank account, so very well done indeed!