Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rainy Day

My first rainy day in Paris.

I felt very Parisienne running down the sidewalk in my tall black boots (yay new waterproof boots! thanks for shopping with me Diego!) with a large umbrella covering my head, holding my folder of documents to my chest to keep them dry. Apparently I fit in too well, because some girl asked me for directions on the train and I had to explain that I didn't know. Ha!

And now to get back to anther thing that I love to post about: food! Eating here has been nuts. My lab has a cantine (cafeteria) where EVERYONE eats together. Its a big thing. Each lab group in the whole building goes together and eats together. Its a full meal too, with entreés and plats principles and desserts! And its subsidized too, so I can eat a huge meal of three courses for about 4 Euros. Somehow I never managed to finish more than half my food while all the French people finish everything. Oh, and I'm usually the last one to finish too, which is weird, because I'm definitely not talking much during lunch! But anyways, this brings us to the fact that my dinner posts will probably not be very exciting. :-P For example, today for dinner, I had a Greek yogurt with honey. This is actually quite exciting because this is the first pack of yogurt that I've gotten that I haven't had to throw out! I don't know what the heck they put in "normal" yogurt, but it doesn't taste normal, even if its Dannone (in the same font as Dannon back in the States). So yes, my Carrefour Greek yogurt it is!

And the other exciting thing was the honey! Its not very special honey, just the store brand Carrefour honey, but the cheapo bottle had this weird little plastic thing in it when I opened it.

Its a little plastic valve that keeps the honey from leaking! So it only pours when you are squeezing, and then immediately stops when you stop! NO HONEY DRIPS! I was very excited when I figured that out!!! Had anyone seen this in the States? Is it on high-end honey? I'm so intrigued!

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  1. All the squeeze honey I've bought in the past few years has had that valve - it is nifty!