Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crepes for breakfast

In Boston, Diego and I had a tradition of weekend breakfasts. One day he would make crepes and the other day I would make pancakes. We started from recipes but slowly evolved them for our needs (only serving 2) and tastes (less butter/oil). Since arriving in Paris, I haven't done a lot of cooking, but I am trying to take the time on the weekends to at least make crepes one day. (Pancakes need many more ingredients, so I haven't tried them yet).

Here is me cooking in my kitchen. Oooh, look how cozy!

And finally ready to eat!

(4-5 crepes, serves 1 generously, can be multiplied easily)

1/2 c. flour (US: All Purpose, FRANCE: grade 55)
3/4 c. milk (US: skim or 1%, FRANCE: entier)
1 egg, large

There is no butter or oil in the recipe or in the pan, so make sure that you have a very good non-stick pan and a very thin plastic spatula to flip them. Top with fresh fruit, jam, nutella, honey, goat cheese, etc! Enjoy!

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