Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cambridge - the fun continues

The gastronomic tour of Cambridge UK continues with dinner at YoSushi!, dinner at The Vault, and lunch at the Fellows table at Pembroke (no pictures, sadly).

YoSushi! has a belt that circulates little alien-saucer style dishes filled with sushi favorites. We went for the Blue Monday Special, which was fun but not amazing food. The crispy duck was disappointing and the gyoza were too oily.

The Vault was a surprise success! Tanya had snagged a Groupon to get us a discount. We ordered from the small courses menu, which is sort of like tapas. They were all delicious! We had pork-apple sausages, herb-stuffed mushrooms, crispy garlic bread, crispy duck pancakes (wayyyyy better duck than YoSushi!), and daphonoise potatoes. YUM!!!!!

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  1. Yay on the tapas! Steve and I finally made it to Tres Gatos -- OMG delicious!