Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Day in London

Ah, internet! I'm back in Paris, so now its time to update you all on my adventures in the UK.

Tanya had to go down to London for work, so we made a day of it. There was Chihuly-viewing at the V&A:

Also, we checked out the temporary exhibit "Textile Fields", also at the V&A:

I loved this exhibit. The colors were modern and the soft texture invited way more lingering than the Medieval artwork would otherwise encourage. Plus, you had to take off your shoes to walk on it, which somehow also made it feel more otherworldly. It was like going on a huge carpet ride through an art museum. Really, when else have you had to take your shoes off in a museum and be encouraged to walk on the art? I loved it.

I also managed to get up to Loop while I was there and picked out a lovely skein of British yarn.

And to end the evening, I met up with Tanya near Big Ben! A perfect London day trip!

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