Friday, July 6, 2012

Bien entendus

Yesterday, two of my friends set to cheer me up by making me dinner and dragging me out to a movie.  (See, I told you I have friends here!  At least two!)  While dinner was baking, I was quizzed about english grammar from one of their textbooks.  The worst for my friend was the collection of odd compound verbs.  Things like "put on", "put off", "take off", "take on", "make out", "make off", etc.  I tried giving examples of when you would use them in conversation, but some were quite challenging.  

He was stumped on "hit it off".  I tried to explain it was like when we met; we just found it really easy to talk to each other, really easy to laugh with each other, really easy to understand each other. "Its a useful phrase," I explained.  "Its how to describe meeting someone who just gets you."  Then we both laughed and he told me in french, this feeling is called on s'est bien entendus, meaning "we hear each other well."

Yes, we hear each other well.  

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  1. Totally agree on the compound verbs. I have to explain them all the time! Had a big discussion re "get in" vs. "get on" a few weeks ago.