Tuesday, June 29, 2010

not sinking

Well, I'm trying desperately to keep my head above water here. So I'll focus on the positive (although mundane).

First of all, Rosie is quite happy in her sunny spot in my window. I have watered her every day because of the heat.

Rosie has some new competition for the title of "my favorite inanimate object": Fannie.

But I think I will be able to give them both the love they deserve.

I've been sleeping with the windows open because its so hot, and although I have yet to see any mosquitos in Paris, apparently there is something else that eats me. I counted 54 bugbites on my right forearm before I gave up.

But everyone keeps their windows open! How do their animals not jump out? I'm pretty sure my parents' cats would have been walking all over the ledge, but this French cat is better-behaved than that.

Also their geranium is huge. Don't tell Rosie.

And yes, I did actually make it to ESPCI for anyone who was wondering. Still trying to find my footing...

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