Saturday, June 26, 2010

back to Paris

I have to say that even though I'd only been in Paris 2 days before I left for the conference, by the end of the week I was definitely ready to go "home" to Paris, do my own thing, eat my own food, etc. But I will miss the elevator.

And here's an "I'm doing work" picture. No, I'm not in it. Someone has to take these pictures, you know. :-P

The train back to Paris left from San Rafael, a larger town on the French Riviera. Because of the bus schedule vs the train schedule, we had about 3 hrs to kill in town, so my new friend Alexis and I walked around a bit. Luckily the train station was 2 blocks from the beach. Alexis went swimming, I relaxed in the shade and knit.

The town was cute but touristy.

The train ride back was pretty uneventful. Well, sort of. I was in first class, which is supposed to mean "silent" cars, but apparently no one else noticed this, like the lady ahead of me who took 4 phone calls during the ride, or the dad behind me with the whiniest 3-year-old kid ever. Good thing it only cost 1 Euro more than the second class. The extra leg room alone was worth that extra Euro. But because I was awake for all FIVE hours of the train ride, I got to see lots of views like this.

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