Sunday, June 20, 2010

The first of many food posts

Well, I thought I'd get right to it! So far I haven't eaten much that an American wouldn't recognize. I've had a croissant, a tarte-du-pom, some juices, cereal, and a nutella crepe. Mmmm. Yea, haven't exactly been eating healthy, but that will change once I'm more settled into a routine. But for now, here's a few snacks that I bought yesterday at the grocery store. No idea how "French" these are, but they were at eye-level in the snack aisle...

First up, Mini-Choux in flavor Bleu Noix.

Much like the picture on the box, these are little crispy shells with a soft blue-cheese-tasting filling. Now, I may be in the land of cheese, but I should have realized that the fact that these little darlings weren't in the refrigerated section was probably a bad sign. And the flavors and textures were not a winning match either. The crispy shells had almost no flavor at all and the middles tasted like a poor substitute for real blue cheese. I ate one. The rest will probably sit on the shelf until 2012 at which point they will go bad.

The next snack was Feuillety's Snacks feuilletes in flavor Sel de Guerande.

I don't know what these were supposed to be, but they tasted like little crisped bits of croissant! YUM! And buttery! And crunchy! Mmmmmm! I definitely ate like 5 of these yesterday (luckily they are small). These definitely will not last long.

So yea, anyone want the Mini-Choux? Because otherwise they are going in the trash and I'm going to keep my feuilletes!

(Don't worry, Mom, I've also eaten a bunch of fruit, but so far there is nothing interesting about fruit here - an apple is an apple! Or, well, a pom. But pretty much the same thing.)

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