Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Self-Sufficient in Paris (almost)

Last weekend was a long weekend, four days of glorious vacation.  And I ended up with a crazy awful flu for all of them.  Its now been almost a week and I'm barely starting to feel like myself.  But in all of the agony yesterday, my friend in lab took pity on me and offered to call and make me a doctor's appointment.  And while he was at it, I had him make me a dentist appointment too.

So other than not making the actual appointments myself, I managed to locate doctors, navigate the healthcare system (I'm STILL waiting for my Carte Vitale!), and today I went to get my teeth cleaned for the first time in... well... ages. (Sorry, Mom!)

First of all, I am using a dentist in the 8th.  That's the swankiest district.  Its where the president's house is. Its like going to the dentist next to the White House.  Also, I made sure to get an English-speaking dentist (licensed by the American Dental Association, too).  I don't really want to have to try to explain my sensitive gag reflex in a foreign language. He cleaned my teeth with the best and nicest new equipment (ultrasonic water cleaning and all! no little metal picks in this country!).  I got a clean bill of health!  No cavities, no pain, my teeth look better than ever, and it all cost 14 Euros!  I'm so going back there in 6 months!!!  :-D

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