Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cinderella Story

This morning, I woke up EARLY.  Even earlier than I do on weekdays.  But I was on a mission.  A Sample Sale mission.  As a slightly obsessed shoe lover, there was one brand that I have always been dying to try.  They are designed in Paris (but made in Italy)...

They have a distinctive sole...

And they are designed by one of the most eclectic and fabulous shoe designers in the world...


Even though I arrived more than an hour early, there were at least 50 people in line before me.  As the clock approached 9am, security began to check IDs and lists before letting people in the door.

The shoes were arranged by size.  I ran immediately to the 42 rack.  Five lonely pairs on the shelf.  I tried to shove my toes into dozens of 41s (while fighting off two Queens who were also 41s) but I am definitely a 42 in Louboutin.  So I bought 40% of the shoes in my size.  May I present to you my new lovelies:

Normally I wouldn't buy such trendy color shoes, but let's just say that the deals were FANTASTIC and even if I only get one or two seasons out of these, it will be totally worth it.  Also, these are both more than 5" heels, but look amazingly proportionate on my massive feet.  The purple suede ones are insanely comfortable and the neon yellow ones are the most stable high heels I've ever walked in.  (I almost said stood in, but I guess I am supposed to actually walk in these).

In addition to deals on shoes, they had some handbags too.  I've been looking for a new clutch for going out, and this purple metallic one was calling my name.  (Also cheaper than the one I was going to buy at Nordy, score!)

And check out the adorable clasp detail!  The tiny shoes even have red enamel soles!

And just for good measure, I picked up this fabulous golden purse.  So chic!

The sale limited each customer to five items, so I even could have bought something else.  But I definitely got the cutest and best stuff.

An awesome awesome day, and its not even noon yet!  :-D


  1. OMG! What great shoes and purses! You're such a Parisienne now! ;-)

  2. Digging the purple suede sandals!

  3. so glad you posted all these pics; insanely awesome!