Saturday, August 11, 2012

On a Boat...

Every time I go on a boat, I get this song stuck in my head.

But the boats were smaller, and I'm pretty sure that we weren't rowing at 5 knots.  :-P

Today was hot, nearly 90 in Paris, so I made lemonade (not from a mix, from real lemons), sunscreened up, and headed out to meet some friends at the lake (Lac Daumesnil).

We all took turns rowing, but I got deemed the "captain", thanks to some hat sculpting.

And yes, that was the actual color of the lake.  Very glad we didn't take any accidental swims. 

Also, did you know that in French, you can "row" or you can "do the boat", but you can never "row the boat"?  Apparently the nursery rhyme about "row row row your boat" in English turns into "row row row, little-sailor-boy" in French.  Weird!

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