Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Hour

Tonight, one of my labmates took me out for Happy Hour.  In French, it is called Happy Hour, but it is pronounced "appEEE o-uRR".  Hm, and people wonder why I get confused when French people speak English sometimes...

The location was a surprise, so I was impressed when we popped up out of the metro near Opéra, one of the fancy districts in Paris.  After walking for a few minutes, we arrived in a square with a beautiful building on the corner.

I wanted to stop for a picture, and my friend said that this is where we were going for drinks.  Ah Paris, making me feel like Cinderella in my own city!  

We sat on the terrace, behind the bamboo screens.  Nice drinks, nice company, nice evening!  (And quite reasonably priced drink specials between 6-8pm!)

Drouant (par Antoine Westermann)
16-18 place Gaillon, 75002 Paris, France

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