Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy February!

Its been a hell of a week. I got sick, again. Paris is freezing, along with the rest of Europe. That would be ok, except that they can't really deal with it. For example, my lab does not have heat. This makes work... uncomfortable... to say the least when its 10F outside. The trains stop running, leaving you standing on a platform for hours on end because apparently French trains can't run on tracks that are below freezing. Seriously, you think they would have sent some people to Siberia or something to figure out how to fix it by now.

On top of that, my package that was so lovingly assembled and mailed for my amazing boyfriend's birthday was denied entry into the USA. You want to know why? Because (1) I hadn't filled out the FDA documents about the candy bar I was sending him and (2) the hand knit hat I included did not have information about type and source of material (wool from the USA, damn you!). And ironically neither of these things would have been an issue if I had walked these items into the country at an airport, but because I dared to mail them, the entire package was confiscated.

So basically, I'm spending today as a me day. Probably tomorrow too. I'm trying not to leave the house and deal with the weather. I'm knitting. A lot. Its helping.

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