Thursday, December 8, 2011

Daily Vocab Lesson

This morning during coffee, some of my lab mates were passing around one of those American oreo Snack Sacks (the big blue plastic bags of mini-oreos that you buy at airports). One of our lab mates recently returned from the US and brought some as a present to the lab.

The conversation turned to weird American food, how processed everything is, and how everything lasts forever. The expiration on the bag was more than a year away, and I mentioned how the cookies might already be more than a year old and yet they were still fresh because they had "so many preservatives in them!" My lab mates burst out laughing.


I just stared blankly. I'm getting really good at that. Friendly lab mate managed to stop laughing long enough to say, "Les préservatifs... in French...

it means...


Yes, I just told my entire lab that I think that American cookies stay fresh longer because they are filled with condoms.

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  1. Just think--you're learning vocab they don't teach in school!